Domestic Violence

“Holidays are a couple days away and November is not only the month to remind us of our blessing, but as most people don’t know its domestic violence month. It’s time to be thankful for family having a job, good health and shelter, because there are many who are less fortunate. All over the world women, children and men, of all races and ages are all victims of domestic violence but, mostly common in Latinos. Latin men are victims of domestic violence but are perpetrators of domestic violence as well towards their spouses and children. Hispanics suffer financially and have many barriers that prevent them form speaking out for help, language barriers, fear of legal system, fear of unethical rights, and lack of awareness are just to name a few. About three-fourths of Hispanic women didn’t report incidents of domestic violence because of embarrasement, lack of fluency in English, fear of losing children or income and immigration. In the United States, Hispanic immigrant women are given less options for themselves and children leaving them no choice but to remain living in an abuse home.

Physical, sexual, verbal, isolation, financial control and destruction of objects in the home are all types of domestic abuse. Domestic violence targets not only women and children in the Hispanic community. On average each year, women experienced 572,032 violent victimization at the hand of an intimate, while men only experienced 4,983. Most people don’t understand that it’s not only Hispanic women suffering but children suffer psychological damage that may lead to development or domestic issues as they get older. These occurrences don’t just leave emotional and physical damage but bring sorrow to family due to suicide or homicide. Of the almost 3.5 million crimes committed against family members 49% of these were crimes against spouses.

Many Hispanics women are victims of rape and physical abuse because of the men in their lives believe that control all the decisions and privileges of the women and children. This can include isolating the children and women, limiting social interaction and controlling access to outside resource. In the Hispanic culture men are believed to be  the worker and in greater control of the women. Women are expected to maintain things at home and with the children. 84% of spouse victims were females. 86% of domestic violence victims were dating their partner. Here in the United States domestic violence is a crime and is not tolerated.

It is now the time to give those who are in need of help and awareness of domestic violence. Women and children are important to the world and should fight for their safety and well being. There are resources for domestic violence such as hotline, battered women shelter, clinics for counseling and useful website. Here at Roya Family Medical Center we can offer medical care for all domestic abuse and help guide further proper authorities.”

Michelle J. Alexandre, MD